We look for bright, flexible, positive people to join our team. The Aspen Brands Company has several different departments where job seekers may find their dream job! If this might be you, feel free to click on the link,, and send us your resume and cover letter. We prefer to receive all applications via email, and if we have an opening that fits your qualifications, we will contact you via email.

It all starts in the Creative department, where our product designers come up with new ideas, designing and engineering fabulous favors and gifts that wow the marketplace. We typically look for college graduates with degrees in Industrial Design and Art related fields.  Our Graphic Designers here create websites, print collateral, ad, marketing tools and more. We look for college graduates with degrees in Graphic Design with the ability to design for both print and web.

In Sales and Marketing, we generally seek creative minds who have degrees with a focus on Marketing, Communications, PR or other closely related areas. In these departments, we strategize to position our company in the marketplace through social media and other channels. We actively seek new channels through which to sell our products and the sales personnel to drive the process.

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, so our Customer Service department, where we offer support to our consumers and retailers via telephone, email and live chat, is an integral part of the team. We seek people with call center experience, great social skills and excellent written and verbal communication abilities.

In our eCommerce department, we work diligently to keep our internet presence highly visible. In this group, we look for individuals with applicable degrees or solid experience in e-commerce.

We have a team of Sourcing Specialists who work with our factories and manage the manufacturing relationships and product importation. They also handle quality control and inventory management. In this group, we seek bilingual (Mandarin and English), analytical people with degrees preferably in Business -- Finance.

In the Logistics group, we need a variety of warehouse employees who take care of picking, packing, personalization, loading, unloading and making sure our inventory arrives and departs with accuracy, care and speed.

As in most companies, we also have support departments such as Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, IT, and Administrative. Each of these departments needs people who have expertise and education in the appropriate field.